June 2020 is my personal website, the one you are on now!

The website originally started in August 2016, as a place to host my future portfolio, CV and anything else I thing should be here. It started as a way for me to learn HTML and CSS, as I created the first iteration of this site in 4 days. Over the last few years, it has gone through several iterations and now incorporates a blog for irregular updates.

The current iteration of this page is a static Jekyll website, hosted on GitHub pages. After working on the CSSBham website, I found that Jekyll was a much better way than having hard-coded HTML/PHP content in webpages.

Most of this webpage is styled using the Bootstrap framework, which just makes styling easier, faster, and generally nicer than having to make all of elements myself. I have found that the cards and carousel features have been particularly useful - especially on my CV page.

Moving onto GitHub pages, from pivate hosting, has been quite useful in several ways. Firstly, the its fundamental integration with the repository means I can make changes easily through the CI build in GitHub Pages. I couldn’t do this easily with my web hosting provider. Secondly, it makes my code more centralised - it’s in one place and not two. Finally, there’s more GitHub tools I can use.